ABC National Program

For two generations, A Better Chance has placed talented young people of color into the nation’s leadership pipeline through increased access to academically rigorous independent and public schools. Our record of success is evident in our 13,000 Alumni who have become great innovators, thinkers, and leaders in their respective fields.
We have helped transform 13,000 lives. Our Alumni largely credit A Better Chance as the catalyst for their accomplishments, with nearly 75% attributing their success to the educational opportunities we provided. In 60 years since Brown vs. Board of Education we have seen our Alumni break ground as leaders in business, government, media, and medicine. We will not rest until there are many thousands more.

ABC Strath Haven

ABC Strath Haven was founded 40 years ago and had graduated 110+ scholars from Strath Haven High School in the Wallingford-Swathrmore School District.

In 2002, Strath Haven was named a Blue Ribbon National School of Excellence. Philadelphia Magazine has cited Strath Haven several times in the past few years for its high-quality academic offerings, outstanding test scores and remarkable level of participation in school activities. Name any other school with a student body of just 1300 that has a marching band and band front of 400 plus members!

A solid, nurturing home environment, first-rate academic and cultural offerings, friendship and mentoring — these elements bring limitless opportunities to gifted young people. ABC students emerge with the passion, vision and confidence they will need as creative leaders in a rapidly-changing world.

About Our Community

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania is a tree lined residential community located 12 miles outside Philadelphia. It is home to Swarthmore College, one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. The ABC Strath Haven House is within walking distance to downtown Swarthmore where coffee shops, a pizza parlor, a grocery store, a post office, banks, and the college and its athletic fields are located. The SEPTA regional rail line and bus system provide easy access to Philadelphia and neighboring communities. ABC Strath Haven students take a school bus to Strath Haven High School located just a few miles away.